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Why the Name Arise?

Arise implies a “new beginning” which we felt served us well coming from our roots helping the private family business we have helped grow.

Why the Name Arise?

The owners of Arise, Andy Billman and Zac Guisinger both were members of the Tri-W Group, a family investment firm based in Columbus, Ohio. Tri-W was formed in August of 2016 after the majority sale of the W. W. Williams Company, who has been in business since 1912. Tri-W remains owned by the Williams family and seeks to diversify the family’s wealth with direct investments in operating companies. Over the last six years as the firm has continued to grow and diversify it’s holdings, Tri-W has continued to evolve, creating the opportunity to support Arise as we focus on value-added metals based companies across the U.S. Arise has invested in and manages four separate metal manufacturing companies, Olympic Industries in Cordova, TN, FabriFast in Hartford, WI, R&M Manufacturing in Buffalo, MN, and R&M High Speed Stampings in Brooklyn Park, MN.

Prior to joining Tri-W Group, both Andy and Zac have spent the last 30 years in and around the metals industry, in the Midwest, including working for Worthington Industries, a large, publicly held and fully integrated steel processor. Both Andy and Zac bring executive leadership experience including significant roles as President of various, different global units.

What We Are Looking for in Partner Companies

We’re looking for good long-term partnerships. Companies that can benefit from being part of a larger portfolio for stability and growth. Our goal is to support growing what is already in place and help our partners transition what they’ve built to larger scale.

Who We Are

We are experienced leaders, investors and operators with a focus on long-term growth in the industrial manufacturing industry.  We believe in a structure that retains the organizational branding and market presence.

Our Approach

We are a people-first organization with a focus on utilizing the talent and experience of everyone within the organization.  We believe in a culture where our hearts and minds are aligned, and everyone is pulling in the same direction.

Why Arise?

We know the difference between results and efforts.  We leverage the expertise and synergies within all of our companies.  We preserve the legacy, so owners can transition with confidence.  Our financial strength provides superior returns.

Who Will Be Your Partners

We’re looking for long-term partnerships.  Companies that can benefit from being part of a larger organization for stability and growth.  Our goal is to continue the legacy of growing a historically successful company by supporting the established team and structure and helping our partners grow for decades to come.

Why Partner with Arise?


Like Tri-W before us, we believe in partnering with great companies and teams to help them grow, both personally and professionally. At the end of the day, we invest in people who have demonstrated the ability to grow their business profitably, and over a reasonable period of time. It’s the goal of Arise to perpetuate the legacy of companies we have the benefit to partner with. At Arise, we like to invest alongside the teams we work with, and have a long-term focus to any investments we make. We also seek to help our combined investments by openly sharing data and information for the benefit of the groups we support.

If you are interested to learn more about Arise, you can contact us here:

Andy Billman, Founder

Zac Guisinger, CEO


We believe in the synergies that can be created within the other business units and we are positive that under the Arise leadership our success will continue and will grow.”

Chad O'Connor

VP & General Manager, Minneapolis