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Smart industry robot arms for digital factory production

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FabriFast represents a new breed of sheet metal fabricator, one that knows the only true way to judge a company is by results. Quick quote turnaround. Exceptional production speed. Consistent high quality. Complete, on-time deliveries.

Andrew J. Billman, Founder

Olympic Industries

Olympic Industries began operations in 1959 with the goal of becoming the most reliable and trusted source for steel fabrication services in the area. By combining the finest metal-working craftsmen available and state of the art fabrication equipment, OI’s goal is to constantly improve and evolve while earning customer respect along every step of the way.

Andrew J. Billman, Founder

R&M Manufacturing

R&M Manufacturing was founded in 1969 to produce precision sheet metal components. With over 50 years providing excellence in the industry, R&M will assist you on all your fabrication, stamping, and tooling requirements – from prototyping to production runs.

Andrew J. Billman, Founder

R&M High Speed Stampings

R&M High Speed Stampings is a high-speed, precision metal stamping company specializing in micro-miniature, miniature, medium-sized, and ultra-thin metal stampings. Since 1962, we have been a leading innovator, developer, and manufacturer of the highest quality precision metal stampings, from rapid prototyping through final assembly.

R&M High Speed Stampings Logo

Portfolio Company Profile

Collection of manufactured components

Large metal press

  • Coordinated Quoting
  • Resource Capacity Sharing
  • Common Business System
  • Coordinated Material Purchases
  • Optimized Supply Chain
  • Centralized HR Support/Hiring
  • Metric-based Leadership
Map of Arise company locations
Factory floor filled with manufacturing equipment


  • North America (Midwest Focus)
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Management Transition


  • EBITDA: $2M+
  • Revenue: $10M+
  • Equity Investment: $5-$20M


  • Consistently Profitable Business
  • Strong Culture
  • Diversified Customer Base

Industries We Serve

Building Construction

Dock Systems, Dock Levelers, Indoor Lighting, Exterior Lighting, Industrial Fans, Elevator, Escalator, Windows, Doors

A row of several loading dock doors

Building Technologies

Fire Safety, Phone Systems, Security Systems, Alarms, Wash Systems, Control Panels, Electrical Controls, Circuits, Food Equipment, Thermostats, Humidifier, Dehumidifier

Large industrial vents


NEMA, Data Communication, Telecommunications, Data Center, Enclosures, Din Rails, Doors, Wireways, Trays, Shelves, Panels,  Windows, Louvers and Vents, Tool Box, Medical Carts

Louver vents

Power Generation

Generators, Enclosures, Home Standby, Portable Power, Industrial Generators, Control Panels, Louvers and Vents, Doors, Portable Generators, Diesel, Gas, Fuel Cells, Radiators

Large industrial diesel generators


Tier II, Sealing Systems, Seating, Lighting, Components, Military, Defense, Tool and Die, Non Automotive, Off Road, On Highway Truck, UTV

A UTV with stacks of pallets in the background

Industrial Equipment

Filtration, 3D Printing, Food Equipment, Wash Systems, Pumps, Generators, Material Storage, Recycling

Industrial 3d printer


Food Grade, Warehousing, Distribution, Packaging, Consumer Goods, Industrial Systems, Flexible, Gravity, Belt, Power Roller

A U-shaped conveyor belt


Carbon Steel, Hot Rolled P&O, Cold Rolled, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized

Rolls of sheet metal


While we stand on the shoulders of years of hard work and dedication from previous ownership, it’s my personal belief that the vision and commitment of Arise will be the catalyst for an incredibly sustainable and profitable business unit within the portfolio. ​

Craig Owen

General Manager, Olympic Industries